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King Kong

I know I'm slow, but I finally saw King Kong last night (in the luxury leather seats because it was so long). I really enjoyed it and can after all hardly object to the central premise (blonde Caucasian = beautiful) because that was the original story. I only had two real complaints.

  • Naomi Watts' inability to close her mouth became a major distraction; maybe that's what fascinated Kong. Was she cast for being a size 4 or a damned good screamer?

  • The SFX in the Empire State Building scenes were so good, I went all clammy and queasy with vertigo and had to whimper and look away. I don't have problems with aerial views (I love planes) but scenes where people can fall from cliffs or tall buildings, especially ones with terrifyingly small tops get to me.
As for the rest of it, I loved it. Kong was great and out-acted Watts, the opening sequence is wonderful, as was the recreation of 30s New York. It didn't feel like three hours, not with scenes like the actor pursued by dinosaurs ("Coming through!") which had me shouting with laughter. It was a ripping yarn.

And the best surprise for an Aucklander? The magnificent interior of the New York theatre where they show Kong -- is our beloved Civic Theatre! That OTT opulence isn't CGI (except for Kong trashing it). It really looks like that: a sultan's palace from the Arabian Nights with random Hindu and Buddhist elements thrown in, built in the 20s. I couldn't find any decent pictures on line so I uploaded some to a scrapbook gallery. I've loved that place since I was a child. They really ought to show King Kong there.
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