Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficathon and GIP

I can't believe I signed up for the Blake's 7 Mills & Boon / Harlequin ficathon, but it looks like fun because parodies and 'turning the genre on its head' are fine. You look through the synopses for 102 stories and pick one to adapt (and reading those was scary in itself; Jarvik would seem to be the man of many M&B readers' dreams).

I'm basing mine on number 64, 'A Stolen Heart' - Kerr Avon's new business partner was not at all what he’d expected. Beautiful and outspoken, Valanne Ward was also the perfect image of a woman he thought was dead, a woman who had once ruled a star-spanning empire and had almost won his heart--and almost killed him. But was she a schemer out for revenge, or an innocent caught up in circumstances she didn’t understand?


And in other news, I've been revamping some of my oldest icons now I'm gaining skills at Gimping. Most just needed tweaking but here are two that got a serious overhaul, and a Soolin.

danger worthwhile soolin

Not available because they're mine, but I'm feeling confident enough to make some more if anyone wants any, though there are much more accomplished people like snowgrouse and kerravonsen out there.

[Edit] I redid the Soolin one and I think it's sharper.

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