Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ten things about me

This isn't a meme but it was suggested by communicator's post about having to take ten things which represent her to a course.

Which ten things would you choose to represent you?

Here are mine.

  1. my library card
  2. a photo of Greg
  3. a plush cat to represent my beloved furry companions
  4. my DVD remote control
  5. my copy of the illustrated zine I made of Vila Restal's E-mails and presented to Michael Keating (who also signed my copy)
  6. my Corgi Liberator
  7. some chocolate
  8. my Jean Luc Picard doll to represent SF in general
  9. a printout of some SQL (select * from managers where clue > 0) or HTML code or something like that
  10. a jar of red or green curry paste
Tags: meme - me
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