Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Two films and a meal

...but not in that order.

We decided to try the local newish Malaysian restaurant after it was recommended to me by a Malaysian friend, so we went there last night. I'd forgotten--don't ask me how--that it's Chinese New Year, so the place was packed and overflowing out into the slightly cooler courtyard where our table was. It was excellent: a huge buffet with lots of things like satay and soup being cooked outside, and the topping was when Air Force jets flew over in formation, not for New Year but in practice for today (Auckland Anniversary).

The food was great and the staff very friendly. We're definitely going back--often.

Then we watched Sliding Doors which was on TV earlier this week and which we'd never seen. I enjoyed it with some big reservations:

  • It's a romantic comedy when one of her gets killed, presumably leaving poor James to recover from the tragedy?
  • But why was that James so bloody stupid and utterly gormless not to tell Helen about the wife he was getting an amicable divorce from?
  • And why do intelligent women who should know better (three of them in this film) get pregnant accidentally? Argh! I cannot express what a crap plot device that is.
Ocean's 12 tonight was more fun if a little confused, though the Julia Roberts joke went on far too long. BSG tomorrow night, I think.

Off to bed now--in 28C. The fan will be on all night.
Tags: films
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