Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Signs of a Nico fic

executrix and astrogirl2 already did this meme. I'm not very good at analysing my own stuff--I have no idea what works and what doesn't till I get feedback--so I could only come up with five seven things instead of the required ten.

Top five seven signs it's one of my stories

  1. Vila's in it.
  2. No matter how angsty it is, it has an upbeat ending: if not happy, at least hopeful.
  3. No matter how angsty it is, it has humour, because RL does.
  4. There's a lot of dialogue.
  5. And semicolons; I like the little bastards.
  6. [Edit] It often has an ensemble cast.
  7. And it's gen.
That's all I can think of, sorry. [Edit] Thanks to hafren, I've added two more.
Tags: meme - fannish, writing
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