Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Role Play

For what it's worth, here's last week's b7friday story, for the topic of Travis. 300 words set PWB and at the start of season 2, just after Mistaken Identities, though you don't have to have read it.

Role Play

They were both sitting with their heads together, giggling over Logan's screen. Travis felt left out. He didn't get their jokes quickly enough, and his attempts to fit in usually misfired.

"I'm Nagol," said Logan.

"You're a nag, ol' girl," said Chandra.

Logan sniggered "Ardnahc!" she said obscurely. "Hard tack."

"What're you doing?" asked Travis, suspecting he'd regret it.

"Ooh, do him!"

"Sivart!" Logan's face lit up with delight. "Ewww, he smells!"

"I don't!" Travis said, outraged.

"What is it? It's Sivart!" She stressed the second syllable this time and she and Chandra fell against each other laughing."

"I didn't!" shouted Travis but it only made them worse. "When I grow up, I'm going to be a captain in Space Fleet and no one will laugh at me then."

"No you won't," said Chandra. "They're all Alphas and Betas."

"It's on merit," said Travis with dignity. He'd been told that all you had to do was work hard. And he did already. It rankled that people like Logan fooled around and still got higher marks.

"You won't sound right," said Logan. 'They can tell, soon as they hear us speak."

"I'll take electrocution lessons."

Travis scowled. Why was that funny?


He looked at his new face in the mirror. Servalan had bought one from Chenga instead of just getting the one Blake had burned rebuilt. On special, it was. Eyes, however, hadn't been and she'd just smiled sweetly and said they only sold in pairs and they cost an arm and a leg because of demand. Oh, yes, getting at him even then.

Sod it. He'd played their game. He'd tried to be what they wanted, but he was just a joke, a cut-price expense.

Right. Enough of the poncy Alpha accent. At least his Delta voice was his.
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