Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Don't tap my shoulder; I have a chip on it

LJ has a new feature which is more a bug in the sense that it will seriously bug people. You can now nudge a mutual friend from their info page to update their LJ if they haven't posted in the last week. Oh, joy.

I wanted to see what would happen, so I nudged one of my characters, kerrill (who is now choosing a weapon). She got this e-mail:

Hey kerrill,

Your mutual friend vilakins has noticed that you last updated your journal on LiveJournal 2 weeks ago! Be a friend and go post.

The LiveJournal team
I'd be extremely annoyed if I got one of those. I've disabled it for myself; if you nudge me, you get:
While we know you want to hear from vilakins, they have disabled nudges from other users.
So there. What were they thinking? To disable it for yourself, go to the admin console and execute the following command:
set disable_nudge 1
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