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House episode meme

Snurched from spacefall.

Using the electronic TV listings source of your choice, obtain a list of programmes with 'house' in the title or subtitle, then write a plot outline for an episode of House, MD inspired by that title (perhaps drawing on the synopsis for guest characters and other inspiration).
Delta House - House overdoses on painkillers and has a dream about his descendant Gregri who succeeds as a diagnostician despite his lowly grade. His patients include Space Commander Travis (headaches due to eyestrain) and Vila Restal who has a puzzling array of symptoms.

Desperate Housewives - House goes home for a Thanksgiving family reunion and the big snark guns are brought out during grace around the table. The women in the family are as renowned for their sarcasm as the men and several injuries occur when the multiple arguments come to blows and inappropriate use of cutlery--and the cry goes up for a doctor in the house.

Dog House - a dog follows House in the park and refuses to go away. House is considering putting it down until he reads that dogs can sniff out autism and breast cancer, though his efforts to train the dog in the latter cause problems with Cuddy and several patients.

Little House on the Prairie - A flashback episode to House as a child in the Midwest. When he successfully diagnoses a local farmer as having a severe gopher allergy, he is inspired to become a doctor and decides to practise on his friends, family, and assorted livestock. Note that the experimental cow breast implant scene is not recommended for sensitive viewers.

The House of Windsor (AKA Buck House) - Impressed by his reputation, the Queen hires House but he has to contend with the hostile Prince of Wales who wanted a naturopath who can speak plant. Warning: contains corgis and stiff upper lips.

Wodehouse Playhouse - no, he wouldn't--to Cameron's disappointment.
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