Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Klaatu barada Nico

I forgot to say that when trixieleitz and I were sampling chocolate at the market before buying, a middle-aged tourist couple turned up and were both offered samples. The guy said indignantly in what sounded like a French accent, "I am not a woman!"

"Chocolate is for everyone," said Chocolate Man, a burly fellow with tattooed arms. We both agreed, possibly laughing at that point.

"No," said Stupid Tourist, adding proudly, "I do not drink wine either." Yeah, only hard liquor would be manly enough. Was he called Jarvique by any chance?

Last night trixieleitz chose The Day the Earth Stood Still from our DVDs. It's an excellent film with a very good female character (a rarity in old SF), but I can't help thinking that the deterrent at the end assumes that political leaders are sane. Besides, stamping out violence by threatening to blow your planet up if you're naughty doesn't seem a very thoughtful move. Knowing humans, they'll band together against the common insult, then come visiting with a bigger Gort, possibly called Gabor.

The costume designer was called Travilla! That's right, the famous one-eyed artist with the delicate touch, specialising in suede.

Tags: films, weirdness
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