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Day out

trixieleitz is up for a weekend drumming course not far from me so she's staying here.

I picked her up from the airport around midday yesterday and we went up Mt Eden, one of our many volcanoes, which gives you a good view of the city; you can even see from one side of the country to the other because the isthmus is very thin here.


trixieleitz on Mt Eden and proof of how far snowgrouse's t-shirts have travelled.

Then we went to the Aotea Market. Parking was not easy. The Civic car park, which has always had plenty of space before, had a queue to get in and cars were only allowed through when one came out. So we gave up and went to a Wilson's one up the road which had a pay-and-display ticket dispenser--which only took coins. [rolls eyes] It was $3 for 30 minutes; they think people walk around with $12 in coins? Between us we paid for 30 minutes and went to the market and bought lunch (Indian and Vietnamese) thus acquiring coins, then I went back and paid for another 90 minutes, discovering after three failed attempts that you could only get a ticket if you put a multiple of $3 in, and I only had one $1 coin with all the $2s. Nice one, Wilson's. You really make it easy for your customers.

Anyway, we had fun at the market. We got a massage, fruit smoothies, and yummy handmade chocolate each, Trixie bought a beautiful iridescent coloured glass pendant, and we enjoyed looking at all the stalls even if we didn't buy anything else. There was also a street performer on a very tall monocycle juggling basket balls which was entertaining; he had a good patter.


We had dinner in Mission Bay at the Bar Comida (tapas abd a to-die-for French apple tart), then went home and watched The Christmas Invasion, a great way to end a good (if very hot) day.

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