Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Strategy

Last week's b7friday challenge was departures and arrivals. Set in season 4 with major spoilers, 240 words.


He'd lost Blake--twice, the Liberator, and Cally. It had hurt more than Avon had thought anything would, more than Anna had (not that he'd ever had her to lose), perhaps because they'd all fallen from his grasp so quickly and easily.

What did he have left? Just a rusted planet hopper and a crew consisting of two impetuous young people, a woman he knew nothing about, and Vila.


The last one from the beginning when everything had seemed possible. If he lost Vila... but then, he'd learned as a child that it was best to get the worst over with as fast as possible. That was one reason he'd sent Vila and Dayna to meet the Space Rats. Vila was clever and cunning when he was forced to be, and Dayna was tough: either he'd gain a stardrive or have nothing left to lose.

He'd also found something else when Plaxton died: she hadn't mattered to him so it hadn't hurt at all. What was a little numbness that hadn't been there before? Yes, this was an excellent strategy. Avon bared his teeth in a humourless grin. You couldn't lose what you didn't care about.

Cally had said to him more than once in the last year that he'd lost his sense of purpose. Well, that was one thing he could get back. He'd see what he could do with a fast ship and an expendable crew.

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