Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabble: Pax

Last week's b7friday topic was peace on Earth. Sorry, this probably only works in British English, but that's what Avon and Vila speak.


"...and now that the remnants of the Andromedan invasion force have been mopped up, President Servalan has announced a new era of peace, a Pax Terra. The grateful populace have responded with acclamation and calls for the President to be named Empress. President Servalan declined modestly to increased--"

"Turn it off," growled Dayna.

Avon did so, and leaned back, arms folded. "One can hope that history will repeat itself and a Brutus will arise."

"She's right though," said Vila. "What she called it, I mean. People should take warning."

Avon grinned sourly; Dayna looked puzzled.

"She does pack terror."

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