Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Icon meme

An icon meme, snurched from astrogirl2 and snowgrouse.

1. Default

Vila as he first appears in The Way Back, and he so is. This is the same picture I use in the banners on my web site.

2. Oldest

My default icon.

3. Newest

This one.

4. Saddest

icon icon
I don't usually do sad, but these two, I suppose. Though my default one isn't exactly happy now I come to think of it.

5. Happiest

This one. It was hard finding a happy Vila but I screencapped him from City at the Edge of the World.

6. Angriest

icon icon
These two, though the gun out-trumps the spork, esp as Vila is very upset at the results of sticking it into a Cygnus Alphan priest even if it was by accident.

7. Cutest

This adorable one by snowgrouse!

8. Sexiest

I was going to say I didn't have one but I think this one qualifies. He could leave his sneakers under my bed any night. Ahem.

9. Most humorous

This one by spiralsheep, I think.

10. Favourite 'ship

icon icon
The Liberator, ha ha! Oh all right (noting apostrophe), this lovely Vila and Kerril by snowgrouse.

11. Favourite fandom

No contest, and if you can't tell by now...

12. Favourite animated

This is the first animated icon I made, but I love how Vila's expression changes.

13. Favourite quote

I don't have many direct quotes, so I'll pick this one by tkurogrym.

14. Favourite textless

Almost all mine have text, so there wasn't a lot of choice, but I do love these wild creatures popping up out of the grass, by snowgrouse.

15. Most used other than default

icon icon
The cheers one probably, though I use the alert one a lot too for when I am and when I'm not.

16. Favourite I've made

icon icon
I dunno, I rather like these two, and a couple of Daynas I gave away.

17. Favourite of someone else's

This beautiful lioness Jenna by snowgrouse.

18. Favourite of the moment

Because of the season!

19. Favourite overall

I can't really choose. It keeps changing.

20. How many icons do you have in total?


21. How many can you have?

100. Yep, I'm taking it slowly.

22. If you could buy more space, would you?

Possibly, if I used up all my 100.

23. Do your icons make a statement about you?

Well, yes! That I love Vila and my cats and I'm ever so slightly obsessed.

24. What fandom do you have the most icons of?

I'm sure you can deduce that it's Blake's 7. :-P

25. How do you categorize your icons?

I don't.

26. Are your icons mostly made by other users?

Nope. Most are by me.

27. Do you make icons?

Yes; see above.

28. Are they any good?

What sort of a question is that? I like 'em. If I didn't, I wouldn't have uploaded them.

29. Animated icons are... if they're well-done. Some of them seem designed to bring on a migraine though.

30. In general I think icons are..

...a great way to express and identify yourself and others, though the last can backfire when people unaccountably choose icons I associate with someone else. But hey, that's my problem.

Tags: meme - icons
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