Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Amazing dreams of a white Christmas

I didn't realise that the SF mag Amazing still existed. After buying several from the 50s at the local pawn shop (along with a lot of others of the same vintage) I went back today to see if they had anything else in. I found two modern Amazings from 1999 and 2000, and they look pretty good too, packed with good stories and reviews of SF novels. One has a cover featuring a lovely painting of Lyta and G'Kar which matches a story about them by JMS; among the others, there's also a Heechee novella by Frederik Pohl. The other has Captain Proton on the cover and a story about him; how geeky is that--a story about a fictional character's favourite fictional character?. One of the other stories is a Harry Harrison alternate history. Pretty good reading for $5 each.

And here's a different look at a White Christmas that a friend sent me. Vila would approve.

White Christmas

Tags: babylon 5, card, sf
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