Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Mostly good

Bad: So much for the summer solstice. It's been cool and wet and very windy, and just a couple of weeks ago it was hot. I hope it improves by Sunday because we're supposed to be going to a barbecue.

Good: I'm home! My contract is finished and I'm so looking forward to a few weeks off. I'm off out shortly to buy a cappuccino frosty to celebrate.

Excellent: I got an advance copy of Chronicles, which includes one of my stories. I'm going to enjoy a sit down and a nice cup of tea later today while I read the stories and admire the editor Andrew's illustrations and jokes.

Not so good: Andrew is stepping down as guest editor. I'm sorry because he was great to deal with. I do hope Chronicles continues. There aren't many B7 zines left and this was the only gen one.

Tags: writing
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