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Five five-minute ficlets

I took up kerravonsen's challenge, but lacked the confidence to try for two minutes. Instead I allowed myself five. If you are braver than me (which wouldn't be hard) accept the two-minute challenge.

Here's what you do:

You need a timing device which can tell you when two or five minutes is up, and a way of getting a random word. I used a dictionary and a pin.

Think of a character, get your word, set the timer, and write a ficlet using the character and word. You've got five--or two--minutes. When the time is up, you can now only correct for typos and punctuation.

I listed my characters up front: Blake, Jenna, Vila, Avon, and Cally, then did them in turn. Now I only rejected one word--the first one I got for Blake, which was 'borough'. I couldn't see how to use it, nor do boroughs exist in the Federation as far as I know. The rest really are words the pin landed on, and by the way I used the actual word, not the definition it appeared in. They were oddly appropriate in some cases.


Blake: damned

"I agree with you, Blake."
Blake stared at Avon in astonishment. "Well, I'll be damned!"
"Very probably."
"Then I shall have to take care on this mission, won't I?"
Avon raised an eyebrow. "It worries you?"
"Eternally arguing with you certainly does."

Jenna: drunk

Jenna stepped quickly aside so that the charging mutoid hit a tree (possibly the one she and Blake had spent the night in) and crumpled, concussed. "Sorry," Jenna smirked, "but I don't see the point in being drunk."

Vila: damsel (honestly, I got these from stabbing a dictionary!)

"So you rescued a damsel in distress, Sir Vila?" Tarrant grinned.
Vila looked away and muttered, "Something like that."
"A damsel?" Cally frowned. "I thought that was some sort of plum."
"No," Vila said sadly. "She was a peach."

Avon: apathy

"You could show a bit more sympathy." Vila rubbed his injured hand which had been squashed under the heedless boot of a trooper. "In fact, some would be nice."
Avon turned and looked at Vila expressionlessly. "I believe I am out of stock."
"Yeah." Vila glared. "Just antipathy these days, isn't it?"
"That, Vila, would imply that you mattered. The correct word is apathy."

Cally: devices

"Hello, Avon. Are you working on another one of your gadgets?"
"Regardless of what Vila says, they are not 'gadgets', Cally."
"Perhaps you would prefer 'devices'." Cally put her head on one side. "It would be appropriate. You take such pleasure in it, it is probably a vice."
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