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Sheer genius

Thanks to veritykindle I've found a site that has me staring longingly, my nose pressed up against the window. The Doll Doctor, a major Farscape fan, makes character dolls and plushes and they're just amazing.

The dolls are 12" articulated bought ones which she customises. She has a Stark! She has them all, including a Scorpy with removable cooling rod and optional Hawaiian shirt to turn him into Harvey--and even a Grayza. She has a lot of fun with the figures too, posing them. Ever seen a photogasm triggered by a torch (flashlight)?

astrogirl1 especially, you have to check out the Stark and Zhaan pose. Just awwwwwww.

Of the plushes, my favourites are Scorpy (it's the expression), Darth Maul and Yoda. OK, I still want a plush Vila, but now I want a fully-articulated doll Vila. I think I'll work towards ordering one sometime because they are truly works of art.

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