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Happy birthday to hafren, though I'm not sure how people know; she's not on my birthday list thingy. Have a good one!

I'm having a nice day today, despite it being the longest one yet miserably wet. We had secret Santa presents at work and I got green tea and ginger shower gel and bubble bath in a nice rack: two favourite flavours and scents. Good guess, whoever it was. Then I had a farewell lunch down the pub which the company actually paid for in the end (and the manager was friendly and chatty, sadly rather too late). I'm now full of quesadilla, citrus tart, brandy, and coffee. Two more days in this office to go!

My thinkgeek package arrived yesterday, so I have something to give Greg. He's getting a red Swingline stapler, a plushy Tux (Linux penguin), a t-shirt with a caffeine molecule on it, and a stormtrooper potato-head to go with our Darth Tater. I shall take a picture of them both with Athena the owl. I also bought myself a t-shirt with the galaxy on it with a little sign 'You are here' pointing to the unfashionable end. I've wanted one ever since seeing a guy in one several years ago.

I'm not sure about doing the Christmas meme that's going around because a lot's not very applicable but I'm enjoying reading other people's, so here you are.

1. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?

A fake one, and only for the last three years. Why kill a poor inoffensive little tree? We did once have a tree in a pot for two years when I was a teenager. It leaned to one side and we named it Claudius, but after we planted him in the garden, that was it.

2. Do you put up Christmas lights on the exterior of your home?

Absolutely not! Very few people do that here. I think it's an American custom and not really suited to the short summer nights.

3. What's your favourite Christmas song/carol?

Snoopy's Christmas! I adored that as a kid and still do, though I haven't heard it for years.

4. What do you like better - turkey or ham?

Pass. This is a ham-free zone (except for my acting) and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've eaten turkey. I'll have chicken.

5. Do you open up any Christmas presents on Christmas Eve?


6. Have you ever been Christmas carolling?

No. I've never seen or heard anyone else doing it either.

7. What was your most memorable Christmas gift(s) that you received?


8. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

I haven't really got one. I finally saw It's a Wonderful Life a couple of years ago and liked it but I wouldn't say favourite. Um, [hangs head] maybe Bad Santa?

9. Have you ever built a real snowman?

No. I've had snowball fights up Mount Taranaki in winter but that's it.

10. Have you ever peeked into a present and found out what it was before Christmas?


11. What is on the top of your Christmas tree?

A translucent white dove I bought from Oxfam a while ago and forgot I had till I found it a few days ago.

12. Do you own a Santa hat?

No. I've started seeing people wearing them in the last two years though. There was someone in the pub today.

13. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa Claus?


14. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Yes, and finished

15. Do you put candy canes on your Christmas tree?

Eh? Why would I do that? No, I have glass balls, spaceships, and some dangly silver and gold things.

16. Who is hardest person to buy for?

Greg, because if he wants something, he just buys it.

17. Who is the easiest person to buy for?

Ari, my nephew. He's two. He's getting plush toys, a bouncy ball, and a Thomas the Tank Engine story collection.

18. How old were you when you realised Santa was imaginary?

I never thought he was real.

19. What does your Christmas morning routine consist of?

It's pretty low-key. We get up, have a late breakfast with coffee (we have an espresso machine) which is standard for the weekend, and open presents. That's it. The cats always give us one (though I have to buy it). [note to self: must buy tuna for them]

20. Egg nog?

They don't have it here, even at Starbuck's. Possibly because it's summer, though I've never seen it in winter either.

21. What do you want for Christmas this year?

A plush Vila, preferably life-sized. A new printer. But whatever Greg bought me in Singapore (which will be neither of those) will be a great surprise.

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