Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Four things meme

Snurched from kalypso_v.

Four jobs you've done
- Packer at a biscuit factory (university holiday job)
- Lab assistant at a nuclear research place
- Volunteer on a kibbutz (in the ma'afia (bakery), cotton fields, and chicken barns)
- Computer programmer / IT contractor

Four films you could watch over and over
- Some Like It Hot
- Stuntman
- The Truman Show
- Porco Rosso

Four cities you've lived in
- Auckland
- Wellington
- London
- Frankfurt

Four TV programs you love(d) to watch
- Star Trek DS9
- Babylon 5
- Farscape
- Blake's 7

Four places you've been on holiday
- Sweden
- Israel
- Sicily
- Indonesia

Four websites you visit daily
- LiveJournal
- Google
- Gmail
- Louise and Simon's B7 site (for the advent calendar)

Four of your favourite foods
- cheese
- chocolate
- vegetarian samosas
- crème brulee

Four places you'd rather be right now
- Germany
- The UK
- Singapore with Greg
- at home reading (I'm at work)

Tags: meme - me
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