Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Pottering about

I was feeling a bit down because my contract is ending on 23 December (just so they can get the maximum work out of me without paying me for the statutory holidays, the tight bastards), Greg's going to Singapore on business (on too short notice for me to book seats and go too) and it's raining, bleah.

However if it's dry tomorrow I shall treat myself to a visit to the craft market, and we're seeing Harry Potter GoF on Sunday afternoon, yay! We booked the luxury Circle Lounge again because although it's expensive, it's the best way to see blockbusters and avoid crowds, kids, crisp packets, and kicks in the back of the seat (the last drove me to clamber into the next row at the last Star Trek film). So in honour of that, have a Harry Potter meme, courtesy of zoefruitcake.

Remus Lupin - Good-natured and caring, he will always bring you a smile - even though his eyes are often full of pain and sadness. And he has a dark secret...
Remus Lupin

Who is your ideal Harry Potter man?
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I'm happy with that and I get on well with animals. ;-)

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