Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Happy happy joy joy

Bah. I'm not getting any LJ notifies and LJ has dorked at least one of my icons, replacing it with two bald strangers hugging each other. I deleted it. Is anyone else having trouble?

Humbug. I don't rate an invitation to the office Christmas party though contractors directly paid by the company do.

Greg isn't getting that trip to Germany either, at least this year. Surprise, surprise. He's going to Singapore for 10 days next week instead to do the work there. I'd go too and spend some time in Malaysia but the notice is too short to get off work and the person I work most with is away in the UK for 5 weeks starting about that time. Sigh. I'm just hoping for a holiday up north early next year as we totally missed out this year.

Oh, well. The sun is shining outside. It's so beautiful, I'll have to resist the lure of my book and go for a walk at lunchtime.

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