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Job interviews and names

Like snowgrouse, I have a job interview on Monday. I'll have to sort out something suitable to wear. I was going wear my cream ethnic-style cotton jacket from Thailand (very cool, mandarin collar and unusual fastenings), but I read that conservative in dark colours is best. So it may be the blazer and striped shirt.

I also had a phone interview yesterday for a job doing some desk-top and web publishing plus admin for a real-estate agent company. They said they were considering me; I hope it's true. It would be funny if I got that job. The company's called LJ Hooker! I'm so used to seeing their signs around I think nothing of it, but the combination of name and initials--now I'm on live journal--suddenly struck me as very funny today.

Considering the fact I used to laugh at Neasden and ended up living there, it would serve me right!

My father and I used to watch and listen to a lot of British comedy, and this innocuous London suburb used to pop up a lot. The name alone got a laugh. I asked my father why, but all he could come up with was that the name was intrinsically funny.

When I went to Europe and was working in London, I ended up flatting in Neasden--in Neasden Lane, Neasden no less. People used to introduce me to their friends and make me tell them my address: "See? It's true!" they'd say. "I wasn't lying!"

Once, on my way home from work, the underground was full of football fans on their way to a game at Wembley. Most were from out of town, and I sat there listening to them talking about the route map.
"Hey, there really is a place called Neasden!"
"Wonder who lives there."
"Who'd want to?" etc etc
When the train stopped at Neasden, two of us got out to a mix of cheers and laughter. I just grinned and waved, but the other person turned his collar up, ducked his head, and slunk off in an exaggerated act of shame.

Ah, yes, Neasden, home of the famous Nobel Prize winner Solly Neasden, and the football team Neasden United and their manager Ron Knee. I even have a whole book of Neasden humour somewhere, put out by Private Eye and found in a second-hand bookshop to my delight. And on The Kumars last night there was a Neasden joke. Took me back, that did!
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