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More on Serenity

OK, now it's a new day and I'm not so tired, I thought I'd marshal some more coherent thoughts about Serenity.


Science First up, the whole solar system thing. Apparently it's implied in the series but I didn't notice except that a lot of people live on moons which I assumed were Earth-gravity satellites of gas giants. neongraal said it's canon in the game but I don't care: it's crap science. You can pack a solar system with planets but there's still only a very narrow band of liveable orbits. Terraforming won't work on planets too close to or far from the sun unless they're moons of a gas giant that has its own warmth. Also that verse feels like a big one to me. in Out of Gas I had the impression that they were a long way from anywhere, not in a crowded system. Besides, how the hell could they hide a whole planet in the tiny liveable part of one? Who did they have as science consultant, Paul Darrow?

Simon What's this--action-man guerrilla-infiltrator Simon? Come on, he was a newbie to this when he joined Serenity, a reserved and socially-inept doctor, hardly the self-assured and accomplished impersonator we see. And why was River in a chilly-bin in the series? Consistency in important. It makes the dough plot hold together.

Serenity She's made of pixels. How hard would it have been to make her look like the Firefly we know? And OK, maybe the crew needs to do a payroll heist because they redecorated, but I missed the familiar mess room.

River One of the biggies for me. All that intriguing mystery and she just turns out to be a kick-arse Ninja? I expected a lot more, esp from her "I can kill you with my brain". I kept expecting she damn well would, but once again we had the purely physical fighter any well-placed bullet could have taken out. And besides, since we never see her do anything but mooch about the ship, where did she get the muscle tone?

Mal He was back to the cold cynical guy we first meet in the series but I suppose I can explain that away by him being hurt about Inara leaving. Not that I had much sympathy for either of them there.

Reavers I hate the whole idea but I'll put that aside and just look at the logic. I'd like to know how they have the reasoning to fly and maintain ships; I don't even think they have speech and my cats have more intelligence. I can understand why the Alliance never took them out--they provide a good shield for Miranda--but how come they didn't eat each other already? Surely the food in the fridge is more convenient when you're hungry than going out for takeaways.

Blue Sun - and gloves. What happened to them?

Book I wanted to know more about him. Damn. I suppose I can assume he was an operative but I'd still like to know why he left. If he knew the truth, why keep it a secret?

Wash There were three people I was afraid they'd kill and yep, they got one of them, and gratuitously too. Well, that or calculating: we need a place for River on the crew. If that was the case, wouldn't two pilots be better? People have to sleep. I like them all to varying degrees, but it was cruel to take one of a happy couple. Not that people who hadn't seen the series would even get the tragedy behind Zoe's words as it wasn't shown what they were to each other.

Fighting This applies to most action films so it's a bit mean singling Serenity out. There was too much, esp of the unbelievably-protracted fist variety. Real people can't take that, esp when they've been shot and stabbed. Also, real people tend not to walk around as if nothing much happened when they've been shot or harpooned. But hey. A lot of this was still fun to watch even though I had to suspend most of my disbelief.


The title Having it on the ship was very cool.

Jayne Jayne was great. Jayne was funny and in-character. We should have had a lot more Jayne. :-D

Witty dialogue There were some wonderful lines. Pity some of the dialogue was hard to hear, but in general the humour made up for that.

Mr Universe He was a fun geek character. I'd like to have seen more of his android. I half-expected her to be programmed to at least try to avenge his death.

The Operative He was a superb character: complex, believing he was doing the right thing, and honourable in his own way.

Reavers Well, the explanation for them anyway.

Confounding expectations Extra points for not dropping the Operative down the well / through the big damned fan (which I'll assume was homage) or having him repent and join the crew.

Shiny There were some wonderful SFX. So sue me. I like 'em.

In short, I'd have liked this a lot more if I hadn't seen the series. The contradictions wouldn't annoy me and I wouldn't have built up any bonds with the characters. By itself it's a good film, just not a good resolution to the series. YSMV of course.

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