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Impotent rage

I want to do some severe physical damage to the bastards at sky tv (I can't bring myself to capitalise it).

They've cancelled SF Saturday.

No more Farscape. In fact, no more SF bar SG1 (no, not even Enterprise).

I don't believe it. This program isn't just the best SF on TV here, it bloody well has some of our NZ actors in it, yet we're not allowed to see it. These fuckwits might lack taste and intelligence, but have they no patriotism? No, of course not--this is an intelligent program, not 15 brutes in black on a rugby field.

I'd cancel my subscription if it wasn't for the Rialto channel (quality films) and UKTV (old but great British programs). Without them I'd have almost nothing left to watch.

Now I have to start ringing round to see if I can hire Farscape tapes or DVDs somewhere. They've treated it so badly here almost no-one watches it, so I'm not sanguine about my chances.

On top of that, my car's aircon has packed up in the middle of summer, and I live in the wrong timezone to play on b7_rpg during weekdays unless some kind American is insomniac enough to play with Vila.

Shit shit shit.

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