Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Changes

We were supposed to do something autumnal last week for b7friday but it's (suposed to be) spring here in the forgotten hemisphere Uncharted Territories. PGP, 250 words.


"Damn. Reset." Soolin bit her lip and reholstered her gun.

Her image on the screen smiled--almost smugly, Soolin thought--and did the same. Soolin stood poised, alert, ready. When the Soolin on the screen moved, so did she, but once again too slowly. She winced at the sharp tingle where her opponent's shot had landed and glared at her younger self.

"Cuppa?" Vila put his head round the door, then paused, seeing her expression. "What's the matter?"

"I'm not her anymore."

"You are to me." Vila came over and slid his arms around her from behind. "Except for being more beautiful each year." He nuzzled her gently.

Soolin sighed, leaning back against him, and closed her eyes. "I'm too slow."

"You're still faster than most," Vila said, echoing the words she had reassured him with a few weeks ago.

"Yes, but one day I won't be."

Vila was silent for a moment. "Doesn't matter, though, does it? We've got enough money never to have to work again."

Soolin turned and opened her mouth, but he placed a finger on it.

"Once I told someone a thief was who I was, not what I was. And you showed me I was wrong. We've got each other and a good life here." Vila's laughter lines deepened. "Come on, I've set up the tea outside. It's a lovely day."

It was spring on Gardenos and Vila had a blossom tucked behind one ear. Soolin smiled, but not because of the flower. "Yes."

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