Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Messing about in boats: Master and Commander

No spoilers!

While I was with my sister, we went to see Master and Commander. It was an involving and fascinating story of another time, and a friendship between two very different men: the captain, driven by duty, pride, and patriotism; and the doctor, basically a Napoleonic-era geek. Both were very likeable people; in fact the whole crew were.

I was surprised by the life on board ship not being as brutal as I'd imagined, and by the young midshipmen. These boys, some as young as 12 or so, were obviously not seen as children at all. In fact, they gave orders to grown men who seemed to find nothing odd at all in that.

I have to say I couldn't help but remember astrogirl2's comments about it in her blog, comparing naval stories to space ones, citing the old 'hide in the fog / nebula' trick. The French ship was even sighted 'two points off the starboard bow' which made me think of Klingons.

I highly recommend this film for its characters, action, and intelligent script and dialogue.

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