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Oryx and Crake

I've read several of Margaret Atwood's novels and I've enjoyed them all (if that's the word for The Handmaid's Tale). I was looking forward to Oryx and Crake when I borrowed it last weekend. However I can't read any more. I got as far as the reality TV programs Jimmy and Crake watched as teenagers and was so appalled by the extreme cruelty to animals and the paedophilia that I can't go on. I know it will get worse and I already have images in my head I'd pay good money to a Federation psychostrategist to delete.

Is it worth me giving The Blind Assassin a go? It sounds good from the blurbs I read on the back of Oryx and Crake. I can handle the usual sort of violence; I love the Iain M Banks Culture novels and I know people who found those too violent.

I think I need something light in the meantime though. Yes, some Discworld...

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