Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Powered up, and some geeky links

I'm back and I have power! It wasn't all bad being forced out though: I acquired a good library book (Atwood's Oryx and Crake), a DIY 2006 calendar for me to B7-ise (for the third year running), a calculator with bright pink keys for work (no one will steal it, and part of the cost goes to breast cancer research) and hot Indian food (in both senses) though they were out of samosas, dammit, and a gas-powered lamp to go with my gas camping cooker, just in case.

And just to give this post some content, here's a very cool site: They have fun things like light-sabres, red Swingline staplers (far too good to jelly), pixel blocks (someone made a penguin!) and a t-shirt redstarrobot might like. I'll probably get Greg his next present from the gadgets page. I love the Swiss memory USB.

Tags: cool stuff, links
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