Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fun with Google

OK, here's another one, this one from astrogirl2's blog feed maximumverbosit. You can tell it's the weekend and I'm stuck inside on a stormy day, can't you? :-P

Another "fun with Google" meme. Type in "[your name here] needs" and let google tell you what it is you need. Post the top ten, or just the funny ones.
Nico needs (my comment in brackets):
  1. a new vet. (One that opens Sundays would be good; that's when my cats decide they need one.)
  2. your help. (But I pride myself on my independence!)
  3. no introduction. (Hey, thanks!)
  4. a new home. (Preferably one without a leaking roof.)
  5. more motivation to behave like other kids. (But I don't want to!)
  6. to talk. (Eep. Makes me sound like someone on an American TV program. People on those always 'need to tock' i.e. stick the knife into someone else.)
  7. a mum, not a martyr. (Oh, yes. Because when she was alive, I had enough with the "I gave birth to you, you owe me" and "other mothers have nicer children" shtick.)
  8. special fuel. (Yep--protein, veg, and fruit please, hold the carbo)
  9. to travel to Europe. (Yay! Germany and the UK are actually on the cards this year)
  10. some prayers. (Um, that's always nice!)
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