Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Short Fuse

Last week's b7friday topic was explosions. 250 words, set in season 4.

Short Fuse

"Make it fast, Vila," Avon said. "They know we were in this lab before so they probably expect us back."

"And they're right," muttered Vila, intent on what he'd exposed of the safe's lock. "I just hope the old sod made an antidote. Wonder why he called it Pylene 50. Sounds like pile ointment."

"More work and less chat, Vila."

"We could just blow it open," Dayna said eagerly, leaning over Vila's shoulder.

Vila looked shocked. "No finesse! And besides," he added, tracing a wire, "you never know if it's booby-trapped."

Dayna grinned. "Been trapped much in the past, then, Vila?"

"Oh, very funny." Vila froze. "All right. Don't move, anyone." He worked quietly and rapidly, then let out his breath. "See?" He held up a small bomb, its disconnected wires dangling. "If you'd tried blowing the door, or even drilling, this thing would've gone off."

Unimpressed, Avon pushed him aside and opened the door. The safe was empty but for a note reading, "Goodbye, Avon. Sleer." He crumpled it in disgust and threw it on the floor.

Dayna eyed the bomb. "Can I have that?"

"There. See the fuse? It's a hair-trigger. Just as well we did it my way, isn’t it?" Vila looked smug.

Dayna gave him a dazzling smile. "I'm on a hair-trigger too, Vila." She reached out, twisted a hair round her finger, and tugged it out.

"Ow!" Vila rubbed his head.

"Let that be a warning to you. Don't bait me. I explode easily too."

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