Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Two days with my sister

Earlier this week, poor Vila had to languish in a coma for two days in the b7_rpg game because I had to go out of town. No emergency--just family commitments, grrr.

I had to visit my sister Jenni. Now, I put off going to stay with her because there's always some crisis--I've ended up helping her kids with urgent homework, icing cakes for birthdays, solving computer problems (a perennial) and once had to make a hundred asparagus rolls for a funeral tea 30 minutes before the service was due to start (and she ran out of petrol on the way to it).

She is the most disorganised person I know, lives on her nerves, never stops talking, and I always get a migraine whenever I go there. She wanted to see me over this holiday break, and when I rang on Monday, she assured me she had no plans, so I thought: at last, a couple of relaxing days for once, lolling about her beautiful house in the country, drinking tea, eating decadent food, and chatting.


Jenni wasn't home when I arrived, so I had to do a Vila and climb in her window (which impressed her no end when she turned up as she hadn't thought anyone could, hee.) Where was she? In town buying curtains for a rental property some new tenants were moving into the next day. Except that she didn't buy them because 1) she was annoyed at one shop for not having a loo for customers, 2) another was too expensive, 3) she got hungry and came home for lunch.

So we had to buy the damned things the next day. I hate shopping. I begged to be allowed to stay home and read, but no. I had to go to the supermarket where she returned suspect orange juice for a refund, to the curtain place where she took her usual hour to decide to buy the first ones she saw (she has a pathological need to be liked by strangers and told the woman serving her all about their rental properties, previous curtain purchases, and her favourite colours). Although her husband was waiting impatiently for the things, she next went to a deli where she perused all the merchandise, told the owner better product lines to order in, her dietary requirements, the countries she's visited and the cuisines she is familiar with...

By the time we got to the house, the tenants were an hour away; Jenni decided Mark hadn't cleaned the kitchen adequately (mind you, she was right) so guess who did it? Us, and in stifling heat.

OK, it wasn't all bad. I induced her to go to Master and Commander with me, followed by a late Indian meal; very nice, and marred only by Jenni telling an uncomprehending waitress with little English and a patient smile all about the way she makes her own curries. Sigh.

I'm glad she lives 120kms away, though I love her and her kids dearly.

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