Nico (vilakins) wrote,

GIP and an honest politician

reapermum already posted about one of our politicians promising to run naked though the streets of Newmarket if a rival won the seat. He lost--and he did. With Rodney Hide now the Ruler of Epsom as a friend put it, Green Party MP Keith Locke strolled down Broadway in a G-string, shoes and socks, and .... well, have a look. His is the first election promise to be kept. :-D

And I had to show you this Hello Cthulhu icon, found on one of my communities, just because it's so damned cute.
Hello Cthulhu

In other news, I'm shattered after four days with my friend and her two kids, one of which, I'm sure, has ADD. She caused chaos wherever we went and screamed and kicked in the car all the way back from the North Shore yesterday. It was lovely to see them but I want to curl up in a chair with a book for a few days now.

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