Nico (vilakins) wrote,

World-famous in Bristol

Well, not really. :-) Someone e-mailed me a couple of days ago and asked for permission to use the B7 cartoon faces I did a while ago on my site. They want them as what they called 'talking heads' on an e-learning site for 14-19 year olds called Biz/ed, run by the University of Bristol. I was delighted to give them the go-ahead and now you can see me, Soolin, and Dayna talking about business (scroll down). I hope they use some of the faces with more expression like Vila, Avon, Gan and Tufty.

I have no idea how they found my site. [Edit]: By googling for cartoon faces. And the avatar site I used seems to have disappeared which is probably why they don't acknowledge it.

Oh yeah, and the plumber came this morning and fixed the taps in the guest bathroom, so no more gushers (or 'eshers' as The Meaning of Liff called them) wetting guests in embarrassing places. I just have to tidy up my computer corner which is strewn with books, zines, and papers, go me! And now the house is tidy, we'll yet again swear we'll keep it that way. And probably fail, given Greg's obsession with hoarding everything he gets, including irreparably broken stuff.

Tags: avatars
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