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More crap from the universe

Good: The driveway is half done. They're meant to finish it today.

Bad: It's raining.

Also bad: And because the barometer said fine (and it was at 7am) I don't have a raincoat. Frell. I hate rain.

Really bad: I have no internet at home and it's Friday. So don't be surprised if I'm off line for a few days. astrogirl2, I will post a topic from work before I leave. It will be 'bad luck'. Surprise, surprise.

More bad: I couldn't get a lens in my left eye yesterday because as soon as I did, it went blurry. In desperation, I took the bastard out at work and left it out. Inspection showed little white bits on it. So I took it home and thoroughly cleaned it with the approved solutions and checked it. It still had little white bits on it.

Good: It's still under warranty.

Bad: My optometrist is on holiday.

Good: Another guy can see me tomorrow (Saturday).

Bad: And don't tell me never mind, it's almost the weekend. Sod the weekend. It will be full of cleaning and tidying. I am not one of nature's housewives. I'm a desperate one though.

Not sure yet: Oh and there will be an election. If National get in, that will just top it all off.

Bad: And there's a severe storm warning for Sunday. Have I mentioned how much I hate rain?

Once again I will not describe the disastrous new system at work except to say that I'm typing this because it's frelling down. [tears at hair]

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