Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Work

Last week's b7friday topic was work. 180 words, set just after Horizon.


"I've broken my record," Vila lamented as they watched Horizon dwindle behind them. "Never worked a day in my life up till now."

"Oh, come on," said Avon. "I've seen you spend hours studying Federation security manuals."

"That's different. That's keeping up with developments in the field. Besides, it's fun, like you and your computer manuals."


"Course! Locks are puzzles and those are a hobby of mine."

"And the sample ones you build and the probes you design, make, and test?"

"That's just honing my professional skills! Have to practise."

Avon stood up. "Orac? Define 'work'".

"Might I remind you that I am not a dict--"

"You may not. Just answer the question."

"Oh, very well. Work is an activity in which one uses one's strength or skills to do or perform a task., or the means by which one earns a livelihood."

Avon grinned. "By either of those definitions, you've been working most of your life, Vila."

Vila looked appalled, then relieved. "Never done a whole day of it though, have I?" He added mournfully, "Till now."

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