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Hairless aliens

While I was watching Star Trek:Nemesis, the appearance of the Romulans and Remans made me think about aliens and their portrayal on TV.

I know that Star Trek is stuck with the descriptions and names used in the original series, so the Romulans are basically Romans In Space with forehead bumps, a senate, and centurions (at least TOS had them). A praetor seems a very low rank to have for their leader too. I'd have chosen Imperator myself.

The Remans looked more alien than most on Star Trek; perhaps they've been challenged by the inventive ones on Farscape. However it made me think about aliens in SF on TV and how they mainly seem to be either very human (mammary glands and all) or hairless and reptilian in direct contradiction to what Vila thought in Blake's 7:
VILA: Then they are expecting an invasion? A hoard of hairy aliens?
ORAC: There is no logical reason why aliens should be hairy.
VILA: There is no logical reason why people should be hairy.
Blake's 7 did have some hairy aliens (Og springs to mind very readily, and there were the links) but in general SF on TV seems to equate hairlessness with intelligence and evolution, based purely on the fact that most humans have little hair--or perhaps on the relative costs of latex and fake fur. Now I consider our lack of hair a severe design fault myself. Humans would:
* look much better with fur; even old animals are attractive
* be able to dispense with moisturisers and sun-screens
* not have to wear clothes: fur keeps animals warm in winter and, surprisingly, cool in summer
Mind you, I suppose people would discriminate on fur-colour or patterning. Perhaps tabby humans would be too numerous and considered common and take to dying themselves all one colour, and there would be jokes about dumb spotteds.

So how about some hairy or furry aliens? It's a terrific attribute we've sadly lost and I'd like to see more of it.
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