Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Food Chain

Last week's b7friday topic was food. 222 words, set in season 4.

Food Chain

Dayna slammed her catch down on the kitchen table, almost making Vila spill his drink.

"Those things still alive?" he asked, edging away.

"Are you maligning my aim, Vila?"

"Oh no, not at all." Vila gave the furry corpses a sympathetic look. "What'd they ever do to you, though?"

"Nothing," said Dayna, rummaging through the knife drawer. "But I bet they'll be very tasty." She found the largest knife and held it up the light to see how sharp it was. "Sure you won't have some? I'm going to grill them with garlic and wild basil."

"Might've known you wouldn't bother with tame herbs. And no thanks. I couldn't eat anything I could be friends with."

"Oh, these little guys would've loved you, Vila." Dayna leaned over and opened the mouth of one. "See the teeth?"

Vila recoiled. "I thought you weren't supposed to eat carnivores. Toxins and things."

Dayna flashed her own teeth at him. "But I like knowing the food chain stops with me." She picked up an animal and laid the knife along its spine.

Vila got up hastily. "I'll be off then. Just veggies for me, thanks."

"I won't say the obvious." Dayna made a cut. "I'll do you some potatoes and carrots though, if you like."

"Really?" Vila paused at the door.

"Oh, yes." She grinned at him. "I'll skin them and boil them alive."

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