Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Random facts meme

I suppose I'd better do the 20 facts meme since I've been tagged by both lizamanynames and matildabj now.

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. I won't tag anyone; besides, a lot of you have already done it.

  1. I have one Greg and three cats.
  2. I'm freezing (our almost summery spring has suddenly turned cold and windy).
  3. I'm wearing my khaki jacket which Greg calls my Afrika Korps jacket.
  4. It looks the part too with the silver palm-tree badge I found at a second-hand stall.
  5. I can do the Bewitched twitch.
  6. It doesn't work.
  7. I hate shopping unless it's at a craft market.
  8. I have a home-made B7 calendar beside my computer.
  9. September is Dayna with a nebula behind her.
  10. I didn't fancy Desperate Housewives due to the impossibly beautiful characters, but people here talked me into it and I'm loving it with its mystery and the deadpan funny voice-over.
  11. I'm also loving Hustle and Doctor Who though I've already seen the latter once already.
  12. I'm wearing a colourful stripey scarf, but it's not a proper Doctor Who one.
  13. My favourite dessert is creme brulee. Which I hardly ever have.
  14. My family moved so much when I was a child, I went to three primary schools and three high schools.
  15. I have a physics degree.
  16. I hate rain.
  17. I have brown eyes and auburn hair It started off very ginger and gets darker every year.
  18. Our broadband connection is being updated to a really fast one this weekend; if it's the mess-up it was last time, I may be off-line for a couple of days.
  19. This could be a Good Thing as a friend is coming to stay soon and I need to do some housework.
  20. And write my unfinished stories. I have two, plus I'm behind on theatrical_muse responses for Vila and Kerril.
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