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Cheering picspam meme

Meme from snowgrouse and entropy_house: Post a 'happy' picture, size less than 40kb, in your LJ without a cut-tag to cheer people up.



This is from yesterday's paper: animal trainer Annemieke Timmermans with 'teenage' cheetahs Charlie and Delta (I assume earlier cubs were Alpha and Bravo) at Wellington Zoo. Visitors can accompany the hand-reared cheetahs around the grounds with their trainer, then spend time with them in an encounter area where they can touch the cats. If I lived down there, I'd so be at the zoo this weekend.

They were on the news earlier this week, when they were taken by car (sitting on the seats like dogs) to a hotel and walked around the lobby and into a convention. I love cheetahs. They're beautiful, social animals who can be tamed and trained like lions, and they're the only big cats who purr. They also do a very weird high-pitched whistle.

Another, smaller pic under the cut, but not of cheetahs. It's from today's paper: Montgomery Burns standing for Prime Minister!


Someone pasted Montgomery Burns's head onto the National Party election hoardings, yay, around Auckland overnight. For National, read Conservative or Republican. Each hoarding shows the local candidate and party leader Don Brash whom Burns would support: the bastard is threatening to cancel our nuclear-free policy. So it's both funny and pertinent. Eeeeeexcellent!

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