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Hello B7 and Farscape Story Collection

This all started with the icon pairing meme. astrogirl2 and I both had Hello characters who appeared in it, and redstarrobot wrote us a story each to match. Then, when I had a bad day at work yesterday, I requested a Hello Vila and Starky story from astrogirl2, and when she wrote me a lovely one, redstarrobot wanted one too.

It was only fair that I write them one each in return, and I also wrote an extra one for snowgrouse whose lovely icons started it all.

All illustrations by snowgrouse except for the Hello Troopers who are by entropy_house.

Hello Starky and the Decimas by redstarrobot for astrogirl2

Hello Starky went to the store. Hello Starky bought bread and tea for supper. He likes tea. It's calming. Hello Starky walked home on a long, winding road through a field. He likes growing things. Growing things are full of life, and very precious.

Decimas spot Hello Starky in the field. They trundle over.

"Cabbage people!" exclaims Hello Starky. Hello Starky likes plants very much, and plant people even more. "Cabbage people! Cabbage people! Hee hee hee!" Hello Starky chases Decimas around the field. When he catches one, he hugs it very close.

Hello Starky and the Decimas drink tea together, and become fast friends over conversations about their pasts as slaves and more running about in fields. When the sun starts to set, Hello Starky hugs his Decima friends one more time, and heads home, after a long day's adventures.

Hello Vila Does a Heist by redstarrobot for vilakins

Hello Vila cracked a little safe, and stole all the sweeties. When the alarms went off, Hello Vila was in such a tizzy that his little brown suede bow went crooked, and he didn't have time to fix it as he ran off.

gan (Hello Gan was playing with Hello Dayna and Hello Og.)

"Hello, Vila!" cried Hello Gan, as Hello Vila ran through the park. "What's going on?"

"Can't stop now, mate!" said Hello Vila, and he dashed out of sight as a dozen Hello Troopers tumbled after him.
Hello Gan, who couldn't abide litter in a public park, picked up a dropped sweetie wrapper and put it in the rubbish bin. "That's our Hello Vila," he said, "already disposing of the evidence."

Hello Vila Meets Hello Starky by astrogirl2 for vilakins

Hello Vila was frolicking about looking for a new friend, or an adventure (but not too scary of an adventure!), or maybe a nice Hello Adrenaline-and-Soma, when he came to a barred, locked door, and behind the door, half a face peeking out at him sadly.

"Hello!" said Hello Vila (thus demonstrating where he got his name). "What are you doing in there?"

"Trying to get out," said Hello Starky sadly. (For, indeed, it was he behind the door.) "But I've got ten million combinations left to try, and before I've done them all Hello Scorpius will be back to put me in the Chair."

"What's so bad about having to sit in a chair?" asked Hello Vila curiously.

"It's a very uncomfortable chair," said Hello Starky. "And I have to sit there all day while Hello Scorpius has his tea parties. I have to be quiet and still and say 'please' and 'thank you' and drink imaginary tea, when I would rather be outside, having adventures among the lovely, lovely plants and being carefree and uninhibited. It's *torture*!"

"That's horrible!" Hello Vila agreed. "Hold on, we'll have you out of there in no time!"

And Hello Vila, true to his word, whipped out his trusty Hello Lockpick, and had Hello Starky free before Hello Starky even had the chance to answer him.

"Yay!" said Hello Starky. "You're the best friend ever! Much better than that Hello Crichton person who was just here."

And the two of them traipsed off, hand in hand, to drink real adrenaline-and-soma (instead of imaginary tea), and to pick beautiful flowers, and to have adventures that were not at all too scary.

(Poor Hello Scorpius, of course, was left with no one to have tea with after Hello Crichton ran away too, but Hello Braca came and cheered him up, so in the end even he was happy.)

Hello Cally Meets Hello Blake by astrogirl2 for redstarrobot

Hello Cally was walking through the field of carnivorous plants, thinking happy thoughts about blowing up Hello Troopers, when someone suddenly appeared.

"Oh, no!" said Cally. "A Trooper! I must blow him up!"

"No, wait," said Hello Blake. "I'm not a Trooper! I'm Hello Blake! Will you come play with me and be my friend?"

"Hmm," said Hello Cally. "I don't know. I want to blow up Troopers. They make such a shiny light..."

"We can blow up Troopers," said Blake. "Blowing up Troopers is fun!"

So they did. And now they frolic through the galaxy blowing up troopers everywhere.

Hello Blake's Party by vilakins for redstarrobot


It was Hello Blake's birthday and he decided to have a party. He called it a Freedom Party and sent out invitations to all his little rebel friends.

Hello Avon was not impressed. "I don't like parties," he said. "They are loud and there are silly games and I heard the last time some troopers came."

"There will be chocolate cake," said Hello Vila.

"Oh, all right."

"We don't have birthdays on Auron," said Hello Cally. "I do not see the point."

"There will be chocolate cake," said Hello Vila.

"Oh, all right."

Hello Blake was very excited when all his friends came. Hello Jenna collected all the presents and hid them in a special place in the garden for Hello Blake to find later. Then they all ate and drank and played happy party games. Even Hello Avon joined in, although he tried to pretend that he wasn't enjoying them at all.

There was a knock on the door.

"Whoever can that be?" said Hello Blake and opened it. It was Hello Servalan. "I didn't invite you," he said.
servie Hello Servalan pushed out her lower lip. "But I'm wearing my party dress!"

"You're always wearing party dresses," Hello Blake said crossly. "Go away."

Hello Vila felt sorry for her. "She looks like she might cry. Let her stay."

"Yes," said Hello Avon. "We can play 'pin the tail on the supreme commander'."

"And we can play 'hide and pursuit," said Hello Gan. He looked at Hello Vila.

Hello Vila grinned. "That's a good idea," he said. "We just won't find her."


travis Out in the garden, Hello Travis was looking for the presents. Finally he found them, in a bucket down a pretty little wishing well. He wound and wound and wound the little pulley until the bucket came to the top and then he started taking the presents out. "That will serve Blake right for not inviting me," he said. But then he leaned over too far and fell into the bucket, and dropped all the way to the bottom.


"Where are my presents?" asked Hello Blake.

"Come and find them," said Hello Jenna and they all rushed out into the garden.

"I don't think they're very well hidden," said Hello Blake when he saw them piled up by the little wishing well. He looked in. "I think there's someone down there." He couldn't help but look to see where Hello Vila was, but Vila was standing right beside him. So he wound and wound and wound the little pulley until the bucket came to the top and there was Hello Travis, looking a bit damp and very sorry for himself. "I didn't want one of those," said Hello Blake.

Hello Cally felt sorry for Hello Travis. "Here, have a sandwich," she said, offering him one of the healthy salad ones no one else had eaten.

"Thank you, Cally," said Hello Travis and cheered right up.

So it was a happy day for everyone in the end.

Banik in the Bank by vilakins for astrogirl2

"I'd like to open an account please," said Hello Starky, clutching three credits in his hot little hand.

"All right then," said the Hello Teller, and got out a bright pink piggy bank. "What's your name?" She held up a big purple felt-tip pen.

"Stark, H." said Hello Starky. "H for Hello."

"Ah, yes. That's quite a common first name," said the Hello Teller and wrote it on the piggy bank. "Some of my best friends are called Hello."

Hello Starky put his three credits in one by one and took his receipt. He felt very grown-up as he watched the teller take the piggy bank to the vault.

He went down the road to Hello Krantor's ice cream shop which Hello Krantor had opened when Hello Toise hadn't wanted to play with him any more at the Kitty Casino. Hello Starky ordered seven flavours of ice cream, all of them pineapple, and sat down to eat them.

"Hello, Hello Starky!" said Hello Chiana. "Fancy seeing you here."

"Chiuuuu! Chiana!" said Hello Starky, happily. "And Hello, Hello Vila. I didn't know you two knew each other."

"We just met in the bank," said Hello Vila. He looked a bit lumpy. He took a blue piggy bank out of a pocket and said, "We were both making withdrawals."

"From the vault." Hello Chiana took a pink piggy bank out of her bag and took the plug out of the bottom. "Ooh! Three credits." She bit one. "Mmm, chocolate!"

Hello Starky jumped up. "That's my piggy! Those are my credits!"

"Oops," said Hello Chiana, licking her lips after the third one.

Hello Starky's lower lip trembled.

"Oh dear," said Hello Vila, emptying the blue piggy bank. "Look, three washers and a mint sweetie." He held them out to Hello Starky.

Hello Starky beamed happily. "My first interest!"

Tufty Ho by vilakins for snowgrouse

"Nyeeeeeeooooww!" said Hello Tarrant, sitting in the pilot's chair with a dashing white silk scarf around his neck. "The brave air ace Tufty Bigglestarrant fearlessly banks his trusty red biplane--"

"Rusty more like," said Hello Vila.

"--and comes down low over the Hun base."

"That Federation one there? Isn't that a bit dangerous?"

"Not for a fighter-pilot of my skill," said Hello Tarrant. "Tally-ho!"


"It's what the RFC chaps used to say in Dub-Dub-One," said Hello Tarrant. "I've been reading about them. I'm going to drop one of Avon's boots on their airfield, I mean spaceport from my Sopwith Wanderer."

"That doesn't sound very bad," said Hello Dayna.

Hello Vila grinned. "It is if you put one of Avon's socks in it."

"That's a good idea," said Hello Dayna and picked up the boot.

"Put it in the bomb bay," said Hello Tarrant. "I mean the escape pod bay. Jolly good wheeze."

"That's not a good idea," said Hello Vila, going for the wrong homonym. "You don't want to open a window at that speed. You might get sucked out with it."

Hello Soolin jumped up and down. "Can I strafe them with the peashooter?"

"Of course!"

"Oh, goody!" She ran off to load it with the split peas Hello Dorian had bought in bulk but no one but Hello Vila liked.

"Here we go!" said Hello Tarrant, and Hello Soolin blasted away with Scorpio's peashooter: ratatatatatatatat!

"Open the pod bay doors, Del," said Hello Vila, who had been wanting to say that for a very long time.

"Boot away!"

They all watched on the screen.

"I didn't expect that," said Hello Vila.

Hello Dayna grinned. "I put some fireworks in the sock."

"Oh, I say," said Hello Tarrant. "Wizard prank, what?"
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