Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I was feeling obscurely guilty that I've snaffled two gorgeous B7 icons lately (a lovely Vila living for ever from tkurogrym on b7icons, and this fabulous Jenna one from snowgrouse) and so I thought I'd better have a go at some myself. So I spent last evening playing with my limited software and I've now got most of the B7 crew represented in my icon set.

The Cally is very simple, but I did a lot of fiddling with effects on different layers for the others, especially the Soolin one as the source picture wasn't very clear. I just need a Servalan and a Travis now, and perhaps I'll let Avon have an icon all to himself too.

cally dayna tarrant soolin

I'm considering downloading the Gimp. Is it fairly intuitive? I've used Photoshop and Fireworks in different jobs and PS Elements 2 at home, so I can usually figure out differences in interfaces. Is it hard to pick up and does it need much tweaking?

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