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Star Trek: Nemesis

I watched Star Trek: Nemesis last night. I didn't manage to see it at the cinema as it was only here for about two weeks. So we hired the DVD and actually I enjoyed it! I'd heard some lack-lustre reviews, but luckily no spoilers, but I think it was a good film. Just in case others haven't seen it yet and don't want any, I'll put my comments behind a cut as they have major spoilers.

The opening scenes were wonderful; great special effects in the Romulan senate. However I have my reservations about the wedding scene: Picard looked somewhat embarrassed to be making the sort of lame jokes expected of a best man. The DVD had a cut scene in which after the ceremony, Picard and Data have a glass of Chateau Picard red and talk about the joys and sadness of the changes and losses one encounters in life. It would have been sad to watch in retrospect (well, it was), but I think they were right to cut it as I'd have been wriggling in my seat waiting for the plot to move forward.

The banter on the Enterprise on its way to Riker and Troi's naked Betazoid ceremony had me worried. I truly feared a 'tinkly bit' (TM) at the end in which they're all nude with strategically-placed pot-plants and flower arrangements to spare our eyes--though I did have hopes about Data, knowing him to be anatomically correct.

Of course they didn't get there; a useful plot device to ensure the old crew were still together for their adventure.

I liked B4 but did wonder both why Data downloaded all his memory engrams into him, and why Shinzon had used him in a surely rather hit-and-miss way of getting information about the Enterprise. In fact at one point I said to Greg that B4 seemed unnecessary to the plot.


Well, as soon as Data launched himself into space to reach the Scimitar I just knew. He'd given Picard that one-person retrieval device, he was backed up to B4, he was a goner.

Damn. I mourn Data. I love Data. I'm still upset.

I liked the ending they did choose, in which we're given hope that B4 will become, if not another Data, someone engagingly like him.

On the DVD they had several deleted scenes including an ending they rejected, again rightly, despite one very funny scene. It had Data's replacement coming on board the new Enterprise (they seem to go through them like Voyager shuttles) and Picard trying out the new captain's chair. Someone (I thought it was an older Wesley but I might be wrong) told him to try a new button on the controls. Picard did, and a harness like that used in fighter planes immediately sprang across him. "About time!" Picard said, and I agreed. I wondered if they'd also fixed the exploding consoles.

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