Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabble: When Dinosaurs Walked

And here's the drabble I promised.


When Dinosaurs Walked

Half under a Liberator console, Vila muttered resentfully. "Use your delicate touch, they say. Typical. And why can't they design a decent console fuse system, I ask myself?"

"When will you be finished, Vila?" Tarrant asked, unnervingly close.

Vila hit his head on the inside of the console and cursed. "When I am, of course." Feeling for his smallest laser probe, he encountered Tarrant's boot instead. "And move your hoof, you great lout." His fingers touched the smashed remains of his probe, and he backed out, glaring at Tarrant.

"The age of dinosaurs isn't dead yet, is it? Tarrantosaurus wrecks."

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