Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlets: Three times three again

Last week on b7friday it was quarterly catch-up week, so I had another go with the Random Word Generator. Three ficlets, each using three random words, one of them three times.

entry, drowned, blast

"So, where is the entry point?" asked Avon, scanning the featureless wall in front of them.

"Damn. There must have been a mistake in the coordinates," said Blake. "We're on the south side of the base. We'll have to walk round."

Vila pulled a face. "Can't we just teleport back up and come down in the right place? I'm not carrying a pack of explosives all that way."

"Sorry, Vila. Jenna's taken the Liberator out of orbit to avoid detection and I'm not calling her back."

"Really? Look, we can't wade through that river, don't know how deep it is, or what lives in it, and water's not going to do the timers much good, and if you think I'm cutting my way through jungle to go the other way--" Vila sat down on a rock and folded his arms "--you're wrong."

Blake's reply was drowned in the blast.

"Don't worry, Vila," said Cally, emerging from the roiling smoke. "I found a way in."

overcome, furthest, singer

"Moving quarters, Avon?" Jenna regarded the walking pile of leather with raised eyebrows.

"I should imagine that is self-evident." Avon shifted his load to improve the balance.


"I have found a better cabin."

"In what way better? They're all the same."

"Not this one. It is the furthest one from Blake on the ship."

"Oh?" Jenna smirked. "Got the better of you, has he?"

"Not at all," Avon said coldly, pushing by. "He just happens to consider himself a singer when he bathes."

Jenna looked thoughtful. "So the cabin next to him is vacant?"

Avon paused. "His favourite song is We Shall Overcome."

"I think I'll stay where I am, then." Jenna continued on her way. Some prices were too high.

circuitry, bank, links (yes, really--what a gift!)

"How long will you be, Vila?"

"Look, it's complicated circuitry." Vila traced the links and delicately used his probe to break a connection; a small light glowed. "There, it should accept your retinal scan as valid now."

Avon's finger hovered over the security access button. "Should?"

"That's right. Nothing's certain, is it?" Vila stood back and folded his arms. He and Avon had joined up to do this bank--nice little place just asking to be robbed--and as far as he was concerned, any links left between them were purely professional.

"And if you're wrong?" Avon looked briefly uncertain. "If that things stores my prints and matches them to those on file..."

Did he think Vila was out for revenge? They mightn't ever be friends again, but he'd never do the dirty on anyone. He relented. "Look, I cut the link to the databank and closed the circuit. It'll accept any scan, but it can't store it."

"Very well." Avon pressed the button and leaned forward to let the thin bar of light travel across his eye. The vault door clicked and he opened it. "Now, providing no one interrupts us--"

"No one will." Vila grinned. "I spread an advance rumour that the bank lost a lot of money. You ever seen a bunch of links all trying to close their accounts at once?"

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