Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Nico's Big Day Out

Food Show First we went to the annual Food Show. It was $18 to get in and all the free samples you could eat. :-P I bought oat cakes, manuka and mint tea, Russian rye bread, and hand-made chocolates flavoured with herbs (coriander--cilantro to Americans, rosemary, lavender, and thyme) and spices (chilli, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon) which might sound odd but are all extremely yummy. Oh, and Green & Black have some new flavours out here. I hope our local organic shop stocks them.

Eye update Then I went for an eye check-up to see how the lenses I got last week fit now I've worn them in a bit. I'm very pleased as my eyes have stopped hurting and being light-sensitive, and the optometrist was delighted too. She said the dry patches on my cornea caused by pressure from the old lenses have almost gone and I shouldn't need a change of prescription for two years or so.

Baby birthday After that it was off to Greg's sister's as our nephew Ari turned two today. This had totally slipped my mind (which was a Good Thing as having food show tickets was a valid excuse not to go to the kids' party at Lollipops) so I had to buy him something in a hurry. I got him books. Books are always good. Ari is a cute kid, I admit it, and he was very excited and bouncy and talking nineteen-to-the-dozen in a language not quite completely unlike English. :-P

Two Doctors Who, and Bayban the Butcher than Who And finally this evening I went to the 'Inside the Tardis' stage show which had Colin Baker ( Doctor number 6), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor 7), and Katy Manning (Jo Grant). It was great fun. I'll have to do a proper post tomorrow with what I can remember, but they were all extremely funny, they answered some questions in the second half, and we met them afterwards. I got photos and my program signed, took some photos of them -- and I met Bayban!

Yep, when I said to Colin that I loved his portrayal of Bayban, he said, "Fine woman, my mother. She called me Babe, you know. She told me to treat every minute as if it's your last. See you in a minute, Vila."


OK, so he paraphrased it and made an hour into a minute, but how cool is that? :-D I'm still grinning here.

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