Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cats and eyes

This time it's Vic who's not well. He's been looking miserable for a couple of days, preferring to huddle in one spot, and not eating, so while I was at the optometrist, he was at the vet. He's got a temperature, but the vet couldn't see anything more wrong with him than we could; he's either got a bite somewhere or he's eaten something bad--and I know he does 'eat out' in the neighbourhood. So he's on antibiotics.

As for me, the reason my eye still isn't right is that my contact lens doesn't fit very well and it's pressing on the injured cornea. The optometrist took all the measurements she could with my eyes being painfully light-sensitive and has ordered new lenses which should fit better and not let as much stuff in under them. I hope it works as I'm fed up with the pain and nuisance. Sigh. It's been an expensive month.

Tags: cats, real life, vic
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