Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlets: Three times three

Three ficlets, each written for b7friday last week using three words from the Random Word Generator.

Words: mother, accent, drains


"It wasn't me, mother," said Vila, putting the accent on the last word.

"Another dead rat then. How many times do I have to tell you, they're vermin, not pets."

"It isn't a rat. I checked. And anyway, they're clever little things and you get fond of them, you know."

"Yes. Rather like some children I could name." Jandy Restal sighed and put on the kettle for a cuppa. "It must be the drains again. Bet they never back up in the Alpha quarters."

Vila said nothing. He'd thought it was a good idea at the time: breaking into the lockers of the worst bullies and stuffing all their possessions down the sewer hole outside the school. He stood up and edged towards the door.

"Where are you going?"


Words: lump, gloves, addict

Avon stared at the brown lump on his flight-deck chair with shock and open disgust. He didn't want to touch it, not even with gloves. He valued his leather accessories, including his seat. "Vila!"

Vila laughed, then to Avon's further horror, leaned over and sniffed it. "Yep." He poked it, making both a depression and Avon look away. "Cally? Yours, I think."

Cally blushed and picked it up. "Sorry, Avon. I must have dropped it."

"What the hell is it?"

"Raw chocolate brownie dough," said Vila. "Quite yummy in fact, though I prefer it cooked."

Avon looked at Cally. "You're an addict, aren't you?"

Cally bit her lip and hung her head. Then stuffed the whole thing in her mouth.

Words: yeti, injection, chat

"He looks like a yeti," said Dayna.

"Well, it isn't. Besides, they never existed," Justin added, his scientific nature offended. "Just move up close and slip the injection in. It still trusts you."

Dayna regarded Og thoughtfully. There was intelligence and understanding in the eyes that looked back at her from under the fringe of shaggy fur, and Justin wasn't the man she remembered at all. "Hello, Og," she said softly. "Let's you and me have a little chat." She went closer and showed him the syringe. "What d'you reckon? In the bum?"

Og nodded and they both rushed Justin.

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