Nico (vilakins) wrote,

We don't need no politics

We have a general election in about three months, and last night our neighbour came round to ask which party we supported. The answer is Labour (a lot more left-wing than the British version); why do you ask? It turns out he's a rabid National (IOW Conservative) supporter and wanted to ask us if we'd offer the grass on our side of the shared driveway for a National hoarding.

"No way, Roy," we said, as politely as we could (he's a very nice neighbour apart from his politics).

He's still free to offer them the much smaller strip on his side. I'm hoping they don't want it even though there's a street opposite where people would have to look at the bloody thing while trying to merge into traffic. If they do put a hoarding there though, I'll have to (aaaargh!) drive past the thing every day and have random people thinking I agree with it. Or do a Hone Heke and cut the thing down each night. Ahem.

I'm very annoyed as though that strip's his, we do share the driveway; why should we be forced to share his politics as well?

[wonders how to put this view across to him as nicely as possible]

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