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A mixed bag

Bad: My right eye started hurting badly while watching Outrageous Fortune on Thursday night (not the film; the new local series about a criminal family trying to go straight--and not bad either) and got worse yesterday at work to the point where I was imagining all sorts of terrible things that could be wrong with it. I scratched my cornea once when I was living in Israel and that was agony and required cocaine drops and an eyepatch--and obligatory Moshe Dayan jokes (no B7 fans there). So I went to the optometrist today hoping that's all it was.

Good: That's all it was though not as severe this time. It should heal up in a couple of days with lubricating drops. The new optometrist at the practice also said she could fit me with better contact lenses that won't let foreign particles under them (windy days are hell) so I'm going back next week.

Better: I bought the latest Harry Potter and a Hedwig. Come on, those owls were beautifully made--all soft and furry and each one different--and only $20 (our sort). Oh and Hustle is coming on TV here soon. Yay!

GIP: And here's my latest icon, made with one working eye. I wasn't happy with my first effort from the same screenshot so I decided to comic-ise it which simplified the image a lot.

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