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I went to a book sale to spend $100 worth of vouchers and did quite well. For $104 I got:

Season 3 of Red Dwarf on DVD (I already have seasons 1 and 2)

Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks whose neurological books I love. This is about his chemistry-loving boyhood and should be excellent.

A large lavishly-illustrated Star Trek book about the making of (for only $10, how could I lose?)

A DIY calendar of heavy black paper with the months for 2004 printed in silver and space for one's own artwork or photos. This will of course be a Blake's 7 calendar. I will have to spend some time choosing and captioning 12 pics for it, but I already have the photo-quality paper to print them on.

I also had an excellent lunch of pakoras, pea and potato curry with naan, and coffee. So all in all, a very profitable day.

However I'm concerned at how I will find time to read these and other recently-acquired books let alone write my neglected PGP with the monster that is b7_rpg eating up all my time.
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